Post number 2!!! A update

A lot has been done since the very first post I made.

  • I updated the front page, including a sick PodCast intro I wrote!  che-che-check it ouuuuuuut!
  • I added drop-down menus
  • Broke the page layout of WordPress by adding the top bar to it.
  • I added awesome particle effects to the background of EVERY page!
  • I reorganized the projects section and added a BRAND NEW project section honoring all the games I made in high school!  They were mostly pretty terrible, but not too shabby for a 15 year old!
  • I toned down the particles, because I visited the site on mobile and — holy god did it run slow!  Also, the drop downs don’t really work on mobile, but I am far too lazy to make a separate mobile site.
  • I installed a Git server behind the scenes to host all my awesome projects!  Woooo!  You guys don’t care about this one, but I do.

Other than my life has been mostly uncomplicated.:

  • Went to a indie game meet up and I’m pretty pumped about working on an indie game in my spare time.
  • Went to a Game Jam and made a board game (will post it to the projects section soon probably).
  • Went on an awesome date to a fair and ate food that totally breaks my diet.
  • Played way too much ESO PvP.
  • Worked a lot.  Mostly on adding ads to Fablewood and Seaside.

That is my life!  In bullet format!  I have been going back and forth and back again about what kind of indie game to make.  I have far too many ideas and far too little time.

A day in the life of a Warbarian!