High School

There are a select few out there in the world who may know me by my first gamer name Kaboomy. I chose the name when playing one of the early Wing Commander games, because I wanted to make the enemy ships blow up — KABOOM-Y!!! I used this name through much of my early life as well as in the online QBasic communities I was a part of. Even my highschool rock band had the name Kaboomy and the Cannibal Gophers.

My programming life started at a relatively young age. I learned about QBasic when my older brother booted it up on our computer, looking for the “GORILLAS” QBasic game that shipped with many computers. Sadly it wasn’t on ours, but just knowing QBasic gave me a window into a world that I had been longing to find. Around sixth grade everyone seemed to be asking what I wanted to do when I grew up, and I knew more or less that I wanted to make video games but I had no idea where to even start. QBasic was my first window into this world, albeit a small and somewhat flawed one.

Soon after I wrote my first program, a music program that let you play songs through the PC speaker, save them to disk, and load them back up later. It wasn’t pretty, I taught myself by reading the help files and guessing at how to chain commands together. It was full of GOTO statements, because when looking through the help documentation I knew I wanted to make the program go to certain pieces of code based on input, but I had no idea what “SUB” meant (it meant subroutine, the right way to modularize code in QBasic).

Through Junior High and High School I wrote many programs. In addition I starting an imaginary online company called Cannibal Gopher Inc. and wrote several introduction to programming tutorials. Below is a slideshow with screenshots of several of these projects. I even still have code for most of them, available upon request.