This page is a selection of projects I've done outside of work over the years!

I will order them approxiamtely based on how awesome I think they are.

Computer Graphics Project

This is a project written for an old computer graphics course. All of the rendering, including hand writing the algorithms for all the 3D math, poly rendering, backface culling, texturing, collision detection, and transforms were written by hand in C using only low level SDL calls (pixel draws with my own functions build up from there). The game was written in approximately one week, and was originally a project to make a rotating 3D cube (I might have gone a bit overboard).
3D engine written in SDL

Graphics project model viewer

Based on the same engine as above I wrote a simple modle viewer that could load models I exported from blender in .obj format as long as they were not textured / colored. The X-Wing is the most impressive of the models I tried on it. I did not create the model but at around 80,000 polygons it is proof that my engine could suport detailed models. I also made a few of the less complex models below in blender (the sword & shield, the horseslug, the spaceship)
3D engine model viewer

Ninja of Love

Ninja of Love is a game I made for a class on learning Flash. I made the art, the music, the whole terrible shebang! It took me a week or two to do. It is surprisingly fun but brutally hard. There are only four rooms, the last containing a giant fire breathing bunny you must defeat. Good luck!
Ninja of Love!

SWR: Soldiers, Workers, Researchers

This is a game I designed for my short-lived college boardgame design club! It was just a sub-set of the GHL (Game Hobbieists league) that aimed to meet once a week to workshop and playtest boardgames we were working on. Sadly we only met 3 or 4 times, though we did get to play test SWR and it went over quite well!
Flash version
game rules doc
Original Game Board

Point and click Adventure: Quest for Flash Class

This is another game I made for my Flash class on a short timeline. It is a very short "graphic adventure" with multiple endings. There are no really difficult puzzles, just grab and use stuff. It has intentionally crappy graphics, because it was a very short timeline project when I was still learning Flash so I was content on focusing on the actual code side of things. Plus no matter how long I worked on the art it would always look a bit programmer-y because that's what I am.
Graphic Adventure!