This is a list of the various projects I worked on in high school! They are ordered by how much I care about talking about them

Music Draw was the first program I worked on. It is written without subroutines (functions) and with gotos, because I was teaching myself completely from the help docs and I did't know any better. It harnessed a very simple function that allows music to be specified as a string alternating letters and times (8 for 8th note, 16 for 16th note etc.) to play music out of the PC speakers. I also added the ability to save the songs to files on the computer and load them in to play them back. In this version there is also the graphical display below to show relative note position (but apparently I didn't get to putting in the cleffs).


Drug 3D was completed in about a week during my Junior year of high school. I worked on it non-stop over one Spring break. The themeing is a little ridiculous, but I am pretty impressed that I made a 3D game in qbasic! This one is still lying around on the web in a few places.


Idiots Quest was one of the QBasic games I was most proud of back in high school. It was my attempt at the Monkey Island style adventure games I loved. The game was only a few screens long, but it was surprisingly playable! It was intended to be humerous, but the things I thought were funny when I was 16 make me cringe now.


King's Sword. This game was never fully functional, but it was my first side-scroller. it actually works pretty well. I don't remember much about the story, but I remember you're trying to save the king, armed only with a frying pan!


Freeland / Odyssey / Maze Run I'm lumping these three together in one blurb, because they're all based on the same engine. Maze Run was the first incarnation, which simply loaded tile maps and you had to move the character to the exit. Freeland, the second incarnation, adds enemies, multi-directional attacking, and multiple rooms. The third incarnation, Odyssey, done as a trip through the book for 10th grade English, added boats that would travel and dialog text.

Maze Run Code

Freeland Code

Odyssey Code

Masteroids Was a simple asteroids clone. The asteroids are circles, but there are power ups to collect, waves, and other neat stuff.


Block Pushing Thingy with the Stuff This was a surprisingly engaging puzzle game I made in a few days. Unfortunately I didn't create many levels of it. Still pretty neat though!


UDraw Though not a game, this simple drawing program had a lot of neat features! It was ambitious, and I was trying to mimic PhotoShop. Unfortunately I never got around to making it so you could draw... It had some really neat color selection options though, and a draggable tools bar!


And I wrote a lot of other games! So I will post a bunch of picture of them: