This is a list of the various projects I've worked on while at HitPoint Studios!

Hell Marys is a mid-core card battle game for Android, iOS, and Amazon On Hell Marys my primary tasks was to write a multi-app purchase server and connect the game server and client up to it. In addition to that I wrote the admin server used to manage users accounts, implemented client plugins, and fixed bugs on the game server and in the client.

Fablewood is a multi-platform hidden object game. It is similar to Seaside but built to utilize the graphics card so that it can run efficiently on both web and mobile devices. The game is currently available on Facebook, iOS, Android, and Amazon.

Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures
As lead engineer on Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures I wore many hats. I played the roll of Engineering manager, distributing and managing the tasks for the four other engineers working on the project. I played the roll of engine programmer, enhancing the engine handed to us from Adera with a fast particle system, better abstraction for scripts, in game animation system, and ability to reset portions of the game graph independently to facilitate replaying portions of the game. I played the roll of tools programmer, making several scripts for quickly importing spline paths and updating scene art. And finally I played the roll of a scripter, implementing important managers like the hidden object task manager, and writing large portions of the scene scripts and deep diving to fix bugs.

Seaside Hideaway!
Seaside is one of HitPoints most successful properties, and over the years I've worked on every part of it. I wasn't part of the team that implemented it initially, but I did jump on toward the end to help fix bugs and implement the last few features to push it over the line since it had fallen a bit behind schedule. I was also team lead on the live games team for a while, and implemented major features on both the front end and the back end.

Words in Space!
I was one of three Engineers on Words in Space. I worked on almost every aspect of the game. My primary role was server-side coding and making nice abstract client-side wrappers for use on future projects. I also wrote the letter generation algorithms and event system and did some of the very crude first pass of the UI.

Gun Bros Online!
Gunbros is a port of the mobile game by the same name. It is divergent in a few areas but the core gameplay remains the same! Gun Bros Online was a modest hit, with almost three million unique users.

DPTC Games!
My first real project after the formation of Hitpoint Studios! This was a collection of 3 Box-2D physics games done for Axe. The first and most popular was Motox themed. The second involved doing tricks while pogo-sticking, and was largely my favourite, though that's probably mostly just because I got to actually use the physics engine with it a bit. The third was a downhill skateboarding game.

Build-A-Lot Metropolis!
Build-a-Lot was the first Facebook game I had the opportunity to work on. It was a pretty slick hybrid between iso-city building and traditional Build-a-Lot game play. Sadly the timing wasn't right and the game never took off. Social City came out a few months before we released and City Ville, the Zynga Juggernaut, came out shortly after. Still Build-a-Lot Metropolis was played by 400,000 users.

Eternity Warrior Online!
Eternity Warriors is based on the same engine as Gun Bros and is a port of another Glu game. Instead of focusing on range Eternity Warriors focuses on close combat beat-em-up style controls! I personally enjoy Gun Bros more but one of my close friends has told me he enjoyed this one a lot more than Gun Bros online, citing quicker progression and cooler graphics.

Quick Blade!
Quick Blade is the code name for a cancelled project I worked on at HitPoint. I only worked on it for a few months but I got to work on terrain generation, monster AI and pathing, and lots of other cool stuff! I don't want to go much into what the game was going to be since, who knows, maybe someday we'll start it up again, but I did want to post the early-alpha screen shots I have saved, because even though we had a small team and didn't get far in, it is pretty neat!

EMission is a game for HitPoints work on the project was relatively minimal, and I was mostly focused on making the game work after the last developer left and stopped maintenance.

Polar Bowler Strike!
A flash-based social remake of the classic bowling game Polar Bowler by Wild Tangent. I only worked on this project for a week or two, doing the first pass of the server and later spending some time with John to help him integrate various Platform elements.

Organized Crime!
A flash-based Mafia wars style game originally on Hi5. My contributions to this were also relatively minimal. I maintained it over the last two years, and did some of the client / server work to transition the game to our own social platform.

And I've worked on lots of other various projects at HitPoint including these:

My first project way back at Golden Goose Games was an awesome little MMO that we were pitching to Leap Frog. This was actually one of the cutest, best done projects but sadly I don't have it up anywhere to demo. Perhaps at some point I'll see if I have a dump of it and I can get it running.

My second project was making the proto-type for a never released but often talked about game called fights of fancy. This was intended to be a social / web game with battling armies.

My third project, which I started when Golden Goose Games finally got an office in South Amherst, involved working with Turbine on a good UI flow for one of their hit MMOs. This was largely to test the viability of bringing the MMO to console since that would require a lot of UI rework.

My fourth project involved creating a pretty awesome polygonal subtraction algorithm. It was for a WORMs Style game, where we wanted the terrain to deform by polygonal explosions rather than pixel deletion based on templates.

I also worked on a web version of the original Build-A-Lot to be used on the web to drive sales.