This is a list of the various projects I've worked on recently

Personal projects:

World Generation Example
Git Hub Link
Tutorial Link
This is a simple Minecraft-like voxel engine I wrote for a workshop I did to teach kids a bit about procedural generation. The linked Google Doc walks through the basics of setting up generation algorithms to sculpt terrain through building up some simple functions. Master in GitHub is the engine without the code to sculpt the world implemented, and the branch kevinsFinishedExample contains a version similar to what I have at the example link above.

BobGE is a GitHub project I started as a means to learn both Git and JavaScript / WebGL. In its current form this is a simple 3D engine. Link above to a simple demo. WASD to move/strafe, middle mouse button to look, left click places blocks, right click removes them.

Game Jam projects:

Light and Shadow
Light and Shadow is an abstract strategy board-game made by me and a Hampshire student named Joseph during a 5-hour game jam on September 13th 2014. You take turns placing beacons that shoot out light in four directions or pillars that block out light. You earn points for every edge your beacons light.

Blue Ribbon
Blue Ribbon is the game me and my co-worker Justin made for the 2014 Global Game Jam. In the game you race around a track, every lap drinking a beer and becoming more intoxicated. The music gets faster, the camera fish eyes and eventually flips up and down, you start seeing spots, and many other awesome effects! The game took us a little less than 24 hours to build in Unity, and we heavily leveraged external open-source 3D assets. Give it a shot!

Rocks Fall
Have you ever dreamed you were two circles attached by a rectangle, and your only desire was to drive right, but little circles kept falling from the sky trying to kill you? If so this game is for you! Left arrow spins wheels counter clockwise, right arrow spins wheels clockwise, space or up arrow jump! Made at the 5-college game jam on 9/27/2013

Heart Attack
MHC Global Game Jam 2013. I wrote this game very quickly -- between midnight and one AM while my team was working away on Engorgeous George. It is a fun little fast paced shooter. Move with WASD, fire with the mouse.

Engourgeous George
MHC Global Game Jam 2013. An interesting matching game, where you fill body parts with blood to make the character good at tasks as they appear on the screen. I did not actually code for this project, instead I focused on helping with the design, provide VO, and helped my team solve technical problems.

Kitty Crash
MHC Game Jam 2012. Aaron, Shani, and I worked on an awesome CAT-apult game, with background art provided by Christopher. Did you know that cats are filled with rainbows?