For the last few years I’ve spent my weekends working on Magic the Gathering themed YouTube videos for my channel Bobgar the Warbarian. At this point my channel has just over 500 subscribers, by no means huge but while active I had a small following. My primary series was a 10 TIX or less (ten dollar or less) budget series on Magic the Gathering Online. Below is an example of one of those video series on a white green life link deck for modern. It was built around a 10 cent uncommon, Voracious Wurm, based on a user request.

At this point the channel is inactive, though I still occasionally post to it. When I do I post life updates and game jams like the video below, featuring the game me and a team of my friends made for Ludum Dare 42. The game is title Delete After Reading and it is a puzzle game when you have to gather information from diskettes on an old school computer and use them to solve espionage cases.

Before I started my own channel, I spent almost two years creating videos for a YouTube channel called Magic Gathering Strat which had around 10,000 subscribers at the time. I focused on modern videos, especially Green Stompy. I also had a short lived video series where I covered MTG new for the week. I was picked up by MGS mostly because of my coverage of my own run to 3rd place through a Silver Black (only commons and uncommons) modern tournament they were running.

My first stint with YouTube was with my now wife Melissa. In October 2015 we started our own channel called Magic Ad Nauseam named after Melissa’s favorite deck. We only posted a few videos, but they were a lot of fun to make and got me into video making. I even wrote a little theme song for our show!

And finally, as I mentioned briefly above, I had a personal channel that I started right around the same time as the Magic Ad Nauseam one. It held some simpler game play videos of Magic the Gathering Online notably my run to third place during Magic Gathering Strat’s Silver Black tournament.